New Additions to Our Chess Library

Our chess club is excited to announce the addition of several classic chess books to our library. These titles cover a wide range of topics, from openings and defenses to endgames and strategic play. Here’s the list of our new additions:

Chess Openings – Theory & PracticeI.A. Horowitz
Modern Chess OpeningsWalter Korn
The King’s Indian DefenceBarden Hartston Keene
King Pawn OpeningsMarovic Susic
The Grunfeld DefenceWilliam R Hartston
Indian DefencesL Pachman
The HedgehogMihai Suba
The Samisch King’s IndianGallagher
Winning with the Queen’s IndianRibli/ Kallai
Winning with the Torre AttackGufeld/ Stetsko
Budapest FajarowiczLev Gutman
Najdorf for the Tournament PlayerJohn Nunn
The Tennison GambitW John Lutes
Winning Chess TrapsIrving Chernev
The Opening Game in ActionAnatoly Karpov
Trends in the King’s Indian Attack Vol. 2Susan Lalic
Trends in the Bogo-Indian Vol. 2Susan Lalic
My SystemAron Nimzowitch
Spanish Without A6Mickhail Yudovich
Chess Cafe Open from 2 to 10 MovesAttila Schneider
Black is OKAndras Adorjan
Starting Out: Minor Piece EndgamesJohn Emms
Endgame StrategyM.I. Shereshevsky
Comprehensive Chess EndingsAverbakh
Practical Chess EndingsPaul Keres
Chess ExchangesS Taulbet & S Jones
Fighting ChessGary Kasparov & Bob Wade
Kasparov Teaches ChessGary Kasparov & Bob Wade
Repertoire Van SchaakopeningerJGT Donk
200 Modern BrilliancesKevin Wicker
The Chess CompanionIrving Chernev
Chess InformantSahovskin Information
The Most Instructive Games of Chess everIrving Chernev
The World’s Great Chess GamesReuben Fine
Soft PawnHartston
Karpov V KorchnoiBent Larsen
How to Get the Most from Your Chess ComputerKaplan
Chess PoemsSeamus Duffy