Pawn Power: Lessons from the Armstrong

On Wednesday the 21st, the Club implemented one of its new training ideas. Members of the Armstrong Cup Team submitted their games from round 8 of the cup against our local rivals, St. Benildus in Stillorgan. Of all the games, one of our top players, Rustem Abdulleyev, selected the match between our own Tony Fox and St. Benildus’ Luke Scott as the most instructive.

The opening was a Queen’s Gambit Declined, and unfortunately, after a tremendous struggle, Tony lost the game. On Wednesday, Rustem analyzed the game in great detail, providing an incredibly instructive experience for those in attendance. Not only did Rustem explain the opening’s general principles, but he also analyzed how seemingly inconsequential early moves had profound effects deep into the middle game. Most instructive was his discussion of pawn structures and their importance in game planning.

Overall, the experience was highly beneficial for those present. I personally feel that my understanding of the game has improved significantly. We all hope that evenings like this become a regular feature of our club nights. Congratulations are due to Rustem for his sterling analysis.

Martin Lohan